Strategic Ministry Planning


For many years as a child I played pool. There was a table in the basement of my grandparent’s home. It was a small room, the table was up against one wall and you had to open a door to make some shots. Most of the time I played alone, but as I got older I started to play more with others. One of the keys I learned playing pool was that your best chance of winning was to plan a shot or two ahead.

Strategic Ministry Planning is a process I use with churches to help them discern where God is calling them and begin to plan ahead.

For too many local churches the plan for the year is just a copy of last year. How about your church? Does the current calendar look a lot like last year’s? Are you setting and achieving meaningful goals each year? Is there excitement and a feeling of positivity in the ministry, or it is more a feeling of stagnation and just going through the motions?

Most churches have a rich, wonderful history. I’m sure the book of your church has some amazing chapters full of powerful, fruitful ministry. Our purpose is NOT to write a new book . . . but to discover and discern the next chapter. I really believe the best season of ministry for your church is just around the corner.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with many churches and have developed a seminar on Strategic Ministry Planning designed to help pastors and church leaders on the journey.

During this interactive seminar we will:

  • Start with a Spiritual Formation as we pray and review key Bible verses.
  • Examine the Strategic Ministry Planning overview with a focus on five key components.
  • Review why Strategic Ministry Planning is needed in all churches and the seven areas of benefit for your ministry.
  • Discuss the importance of a prayer ministry in your church.
  • Prayer walk the area around your facility in order to begin the process of hearing from God.
  • Learn about Church Life cycles and the role of vision in starting a new life cycle.
  • 2016-smp-coverLearn the importance of embracing a theology of change by looking at the differences between form and function.
  • The majority of our time will be spent in the areas of:
    • Core Values – the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the ministry.
    • Mission – the broad, biblical view of what the ministry is supposed to be doing.
    • Vision – a clear, challenging, compelling, picture of the future of the ministry as you believe it can and must be.
  • Since all of this will likely lead to some changes in your ministry, we will spend a few minutes on Managing Conflict with a focus on resolving conflict Biblically.
  • Walk through how to set SMARTER goals in your ministry. [Based on a chapter in my book, Time Management for the Christian Leader. Click HERE to order.]

Are you ready to start discerning God’s vision for your ministry?

Would you like to start planning further ahead and not just keep doing things the same way?

Here are some suggested next steps:

  1. Contact Ken Willard to see about hosting a seminar in your church.
  2. Visit Leadership4Transformation website to learn more.
  3. Order a Strategic Ministry Planning participant workbook from Ebay.
  4. Check out my church leadership online webinars at:

You don’t have to try and do it alone. Ken can walk with you and your church as he has with many other churches to provide coaching, training, encouragement, resources, and support along the way. Together we can do it!

Take a step in that direction today!


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