Creating a Discipleship Process


“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

After working with pastors and churches for many years as a coach and consultant, reading hundreds of books, and talking with a lot of others in my field . . . I feel confident in saying that the number one challenge churches of all sizes and types are facing today is the ability to grow disciples. When I say “grow disciples,” I’m talking about reaching new people who are not already connected to a church AND helping those who are already connected to our church take a step or two closer to Christ.

For a church to do this requires intentionality and a process (or system) of some type. I’ve never met a pastor or church who was against growing disciples. The first challenge is making this a priority high enough in the ministry to outweigh the week-to-week pull of everything else. It just does not happen by accident. The next challenge is in creating a process which works for your specific ministry. A process everyone can understand and will help you reach the goal of growing your disciples. This is where I can help out.

In the fall of 2017 Abingdon Press will be publishing a new book by Ken Willard and Mike Schreiner about creating a new discipleship process in a local church. For the past few months I have been facilitating seminars on this subject and they have been very well received by those in attendance. Click HERE to see a short video of a session I did in the New Mexico United Methodist Conference.

During this interactive seminar we will:

  • Start with a Spiritual Formation as we pray and review key Bible verses.
  • Review the signs of needing a focus on discipleship in a local church such as: turnover, ministry serving opportunities, inviting (evangelism), resource challenged.
  • Clearly define discipleship and look at what we are trying to accomplish through a new discipleship process.
  • Examine what a discipleship process is and is not.
  • Discover the four key areas required for a discipleship process.
  • Review discipleship process elements, catalyst disciplines, and discipleship targets.
  • Walk through the 12 Keys to Creating a Discipleship Process.
    1. Foundation of Prayer
    2. Assemble a Team
    3. Current State
    4. Mission & Target
    5. Research Other Churches
    6. Connections Process
    7. Discipleship Coaching
    8. Communications
    9. Membership & Leadership
    10. Launch
    11. Measure & Celebrate
    12. Review, Revise, Renew & Refresh
  • Have opportunities for you and your team to apply what you are learning by designing a plan to create a new discipleship process for your church.

Are you ready to throw your congregation a life preserver?

Are you ready to take the initiative and make discipleship a priority in your ministry?

Here are some suggested next steps:

  1. Contact Ken to see about hosting a seminar in your church.
  2. Visit Leadership4Transformation website to learn more.
  3. Order a Discipleship Process participant workbook from Ebay.
  4. Check out my church leadership online webinars at:

Together we can grow your ministry by growing disciples!

Take a step in that direction today!

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